The city's nouvelle food destination promises world class cuisine in a tuneful ambience.

If a guitar strikes the right chord on your belly bell, or even if your hand-picked platter reminds you of an international concert that you yearned to watch, you are right there at Wasabee. A five year old food destination of Kolkata creates a juggling of designer elements to create a harmonious finish. A feast for the eyes, the musical décor of Wasabee is complemented by Oriental (Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Singaporean and Burmese) cuisine. With Tanmoy Bose as the Brand Ambassador, it was a unanimous decision for partners Debraj Chowdhury and Tanmoy Bose to go for an interior decor with the theme of 'Music'.

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Chef's Corner

Very true to its Japanese origin, Wasabee, churns out the spicy and rich flavors of Oriental cuisine.

The 50 seater fine dining place along with Buffet spreads (a combination of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Singaporean and Burmese) promises a melodious meal at the helm. The unique fusion of music and food successfully deciphers an incredible experience to savor.

Good food epitomizes chef's creative acumen. Wasabee is a must try for all food lovers who, at the same time, yearn for creativity and exclusivity. We have chosen the finest ingredients and used the best techniques to deliver the best quality food in a cost-effective and efficient manner and are shortly introducing more basic Japanese items .The partners, Mr Tanmoy Bose & Mr Debraj Chowdhury are very positive and enthusiastic about the fast popularity of Sushi and other Japenese spread. Other than platter of Sushi, Udon noodles, Seafood Rice, Wasabee Special Prawn, Crab Fusion and Jumbo Jazz Prawns are the 'boutique' items served by Wasabee.

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Opening Hours

We are open all days, Monday to Sunday, from 11 AM to 11 PM.
(033) 2405 0418/0347 and 9163764444 for Home Delivery